High frequency screen

High frequency screen

The high frequency screen produced by our factory has changed the shortage of traditional equipment screening, and the sieving efficiency is up to 70%. It is suitable for fine grained classification operation in the grinding and grading process of the concentrator. The high frequency screen consists of exciter, slurry distributor, screen frame, rack, suspension spring and screen mesh. High frequency screening efficiency, small amplitude, high screening frequency. Different from the principle of ordinary screening equipment, high frequency screen uses high frequency, on the one hand, it destroys the tension of the surface of the pulp and the high speed oscillation of fine particles on the screen, accelerates the useful minerals and separates the large density (specific gravity), and increases the probability of contact between the material less than the separation granularity and the sieve hole. Thus, a better separation condition is created, which makes the material smaller than the separated particle size, especially the granularity and the pulp, become the sieve product through the sieve hole.    

Know more about FDM High frequency screen

  1. The structure is advanced. The new principle design is a new structure of high efficiency screen surface vibration screening machine, generally using nylon or stainless steel sieve plate. 2. The vibration intensity is high. The vibration frequency of the screen is 50Hz, the amplitude is 0~2 millimeter, and the vibration intensity is 8~10 times of the acceleration of gravity, which is 2~3 times the vibration intensity of the general mechanical vibrating screen. 3. It is not easy to plug and deal with large capacity. The screen surface is not easy to block holes, and has high screening efficiency and large processing capacity. It is especially suitable for sieving of fine powder materials. The granularity of classification is 0.074 ~ 1mm. 4. The parts have long life. The composite network layer is a working network, which is used to screen the material directly. The lower layer of the composite network is a bottom network, which is used to disperse the force and transfer the vibration to ensure the high screening efficiency and prolong the service life of the work network.  

Working principle

  The high frequency vibrating fine screen is simply called the high frequency screen, which is one of the classifying equipment in the mineral processing plant. The width of the grate gap of the screen surface is different, and the material is graded according to the particle size. In the grinding circuit, the grinding products are controlled and classified, and the coarse particles are screened out, that is, the sieve is returned to the mill for further grinding. Fine particles, which are screened out, can be discharged in time to avoid grinding. Timely screening of materials that meet fineness requirements can increase mill output, reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency. The high frequency screen can be installed in the mineral processing loop. The coarse concentrate can be screened and sent to the mill for further grinding, and the fine particles under the sieve can be selected to improve the concentrate grade.  

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