Dewatering screen

Dewatering screen

Vibration dewatering screen, the main role is dewatering, desFodamon, desulfurization, can be used for sand washery, coal preparation plant slurry recovery, tailings dry drainage and so on, so also called sand dewatering screen, mine dewatering screen, slime dewatering screen, tailings dewatering screen, high-frequency dewatering screen.
1. Matching of dewatering screen and sand washing machine.
We should know that the sand washed by sand washing machine is not very clean, and the sand is too muddy and wet (water content is large), and does not meet the production needs of low mud content and high standards. Therefore, desiccant screens are needed. Sand and stone are washed by sand washing machine, and then are washed by vibrating dewatering screen, hydraulic grading, desFodamon and dewatering. Reasonable particle size ratio is achieved, and the mud content is reduced to less than 0.7%.
2. Vibration dewatering screen is used alone.
Vibrating dewatering screen can also be used alone when it acts on some materials with low mud content, and no sand washing machine, such as quartz sand, is needed. Because of the low mud content of quartz sand, washing sand with sand washing machine not only consumes energy but also has poor effect. It is very important that the investment cost of dewatering screen is lower than that of sand washing machine.

Know more about Fodamon Dewatering screen

1. The motor is driven by water-proof frequency motor and self synchronous technology driven by two motors to achieve high efficiency dehydration.
2. Compared with the traditional process, the new dry drainage dehydration process in our factory has the characteristics of small investment, simple process and small floor area, which is convenient for system process layout.
3. Professionally designed frequency, amplitude, low power consumption, suitable for a variety of dehydration needs 24 hours continuous dry drainage operation.
4. V-type screen design, -5_screen surface climbing dehydration, dry tailings low water content, high efficiency, unit area processing capacity.
5. High wear-resistant sieve plate has long service life, modular assembly design, easy replacement, cost saving, sieve hole size can be selected according to requirements.
6. The combination of riveting and welding of the steel components makes up the main body without internal stress, high strength, light weight and durability.

Working principle

The dewatering vibrating screen adopts double motor self synchronizing technology, universal eccentric block and adjustable amplitude vibrator. It is mainly composed of screen box, vibration exciter, supporting system and motor. Through belt coupling to drive two unrelated vibrators to run synchronously and backward respectively, the centrifugal force produced by two eccentric masses superimposes along the vibration direction and counteracts by reverse centrifugation, thus forming a single exciting vibration along the vibration direction and making the screen box move in a reciprocating straight line. The water tension on the surface of the pulp is changed by the exciting force. The pulp water passes through the screen and becomes the bottom of the screen. The fine material is blocked by the screen to form the filter layer and is discharged forward by the vibration force.

Technical data


Screen slope(°)

Common mesh size(mm)

Input capacity(t/h)


Exciter model






2 ×1.1



FDS 1236



2 ×2.4



FDS 1536



2 ×3.1



FDS 1838



2 ×7.5



FDS 2138



2 ×7.5



FDS 2538



2 ×11



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